Monday, January 12, 2009

On Voting Present

Seems as though some right wing bloggers are getting their collective panties in a bunch over Congressman Ellison and Congresswoman McCollum voting "Present" on resolution supporting the right of Israel to defend itself as well as supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
The biggest problem with their actions on this vote is that a “present” vote might as well be a “no” vote. They did not have the backbone to just turn their back on Israel, they instead took the cowards way out.

If rockets were flying into the United States, would Ellison and McCollum vote present?
Really Ryan? Does anyone believe that Congressman Ellison and Congresswoman McCollum would vote "Present" if rockets were flying into the United States?

We'll play Ryan's little game here.

Back last May, I reported that Congresswoman Bachmann and Congressman Kline voted "Present" on a pretty important defense and Veterans bill.

What did they vote "Present" on?

Anybody remember the horrific conditions our Veterans were housed in at Walter Reed?

What about the recent Fort Bragg housing problems?

The amendment offered $500 million for Facilities Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (FSRM).

$3.6 Billion to address the increasing price of fuel and other petroleum products. Keep in mind, a Bradley Fighting Vehicle gets just over 2 miles per gallon of JP-8 Diesel and an M1 Tank less than a mile a gallon!

$65.4 million for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program helps members of the National Guard and Reserve transition from combat to civilian life. With the enormous increase in Veteran suicides, programs like this save lives.

$52 million to hire more than 200 additional contract managers to prevent waste, fraud and abuse in Department of Defense contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

$102 million for "Land Warrior" equipment to equip one "next to deploy'' brigade combat team with Land Warrior equipment sets.

$6 billion for the procurement of combat aircraft.

Overall, the recommendations total $96,622,127,000 and are structured to maximize support to our men and women in uniform. They meet important force protection, equipment and personnel needs, while fully funding the operational requirements to conduct the Global War on Terror.

And Bachmann and Kline voted "Present".

So, what offends you more? Congressman Ellison and Congresswoman McCollum voting "Present" on a resolution supporting Israel?


Bachmann and Kline voting against funding to support soldiers and Veterans?

At least Ellison and McCollum have the courage to tell us why they voted "Present".

Cowards like Bachmann and Kline vote "Present" and won't tell you why...

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