Sunday, January 11, 2009

Public Enemy #1

Ok, maybe not this Public Enemy. I highly doubt we'll see a Senator Franken type "Flavor of Love" show on MTV.

Yahoo had a headline up
that caught my eye this morning, although it's a Politico story.

"GOP sees Franken as top public enemy"

Heck, they even quoted our friend Ron Carey, Chair of the Minnesota GOP.
“I don’t know if we’ve ever had an opponent who is so disliked by Republicans as Al Franken,” said Minnesota Republican Party Chair Ron Carey, who cautioned that Coleman’s election challenge could still turn the results back his way. “It’s one thing to lose to an honorable opponent, but Al Franken is not considered an honorable opponent by Minnesota Republicans.”
Honorable opponent? Really?

Readers know that I was not the biggest Al Franken fan. He had some serious flaws in my eyes and I was 225 votes off on my unelectable stance. I was wrong and have no regrets.

Back to his notion of an "honorable opponent". I don't know how Carey does it. Spewing his rhetoric out of one side of the mouth, but then praising the likes of Brian Davis, Congressman John Kline and Congresswoman Bachmann.

Where is the honor behind the lies and deceit towards Congressman Tim Walz?

Does anyone recall the atrocious attacks by Congressman Kline and his campaign against Collen Rowley?

And what about Bachmann and her "un-American" comments?

Honor...pretty easy to claim on the losing end of a campaign. "At least I had my honor".

The 2008 US Senate race was easily the most negative race in Minnesota political history. Norm Coleman played a pretty vital role in the negative nature of the race. In fact, Coleman got so desperate that he, wink wink, "called the dogs off" late in the race and attempted to run a positive campaign.

He should have learned from Mark Kennedy...

One of our favorite State Rep's joined the fray as well.
“It’s going to be hard for Franken to be very effective with any Republicans, in terms of having any credibility with us, just because he’s been so nasty in the past,” Seifert said. “He certainly has callous and very partisan behavior in the past that is beyond the pale.”
Ok...Marty Seifert is calling another politician "callous and very partisan"?

Anyone recall Sefiert comparing to President Bush's approval rating to a STD?
Rep. Seifert expounded on a number of reasons and at some point in this list said that it didn’t help that “the President’s approval ratings are right there with gonorrhea.”
Seifert's actions against the "override six" last year are the epitome of "callous and very partisan".

As I read through the story this morning, the names of those interviewed for the story really caught my eye.

Mike Hatch, Matt Entenza, Marty Seifert, Ron Carey, Joe Repya and Tim Penny.

Two scandal ridden Democrats, a sharp tongued Minority Leader, the GOP Party Chair, and the crazy Colonel who attempted a coup de tat of the aforementioned GOP Party Chair, and a former DFL Congressman, turned IP Party Gubernatorial candidate.

And here I thought Flavor of Love was entertaining...


JLeuze said...

Well if you judge a man by his enemies...

How effective Senator Franken will be does remain to be seen, and making enemies across the aisle could be a hindrance for him.

But I think that hatred for Franken mostly lies with the ultra-right wingers. Frankly, I wish the the entire Democratic Party was progressive enough to earn the hatred of folks like Ann Coulter...

I think that Franken can still work with the type of reasonable moderate Republicans that Obama is hoping to work with. Hopefully they will be in enough of a minority that they won't have any choice!

A year from now it could very well be obvious that Senator Franken is all steam and bluster, and is able to get very little done. And Senator Klobuchar could be quietly making great accomplishments.

But after all of the corruption on both sides of the aisle just in the last year, I am relieved to have another representative that I can trust.

I don't know if his passion will translate into good political skills, but I don't doubt his honesty, and these days that sure counts for something!

Blue man said...

Hope your ankle gets better soon!

JLeuze said...

Thanks, I'm only supposed to be in a cast for a month, so it sounds like I'm getting off easy!

Now I just have to master driving with my left foot...