Sunday, January 18, 2009

SD 18/19 Legislative Update

We'll attempt to have a regular, possible weekly post on local happenings down in St Paul, following legislation sponsored by local legislators.

SD 18:

Senator Dille has sponsored two bills thus far, both being somewhat controversial.

We've posted about the Minnesota Political Contribution Refund Program legislation. Dille's legislation completely halts the PCR program. (SF 124)

The second bill stands to be more controversial. Senator Dille seeks to lift the moratorium on building new nuclear power plants in Minnesota. (SF 126)

Representatives Dean Urdahl, 18B and Ron Shimanski, 18A, have yet to author legislation in the House.

SD 19:

Senator Koch has offered Senate resolutions congratulation Eagle Scouts and sought to reduce the number of stamps used by Senate offices.

Bruce Anderson, 19A is carrying Dille's nuclear power plant bill in the House.

Tom Emmer, 19B has authored 2 bills.

HF 0057, Emmer's bill for voting ID

HF 107, Emmer's bill allowing school boards to use staff development revenue
on CPR and automatic external defibrillator training and first aid certification.

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