Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Walz Votes Against DTV Date Change

Ollie at Bluestem has the scoop.

I've been working the DTV transition for several months now and was pretty surprised to hear that President Obama and Congressional leaders supported a move to delay the digital transition.

As someone who has been help people during the transition, I was pleased to read Congressman Walz's opposition to the extension. It makes no sense to those of us who work in the industry.

I've actually fielded more calls today from angry customers who have switched already and could have had 4 more months of antenna service, than on any other single issue.

If they're not ready now, it's because of their own procrastination. No sense in wasting another $500 million in advertising and PSA's talking about the transition.

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Twice Blessed said...

I didn't procrastinate. I ordered my coupon and mailed it in 6 weeks ago. The government fund to provide converter boxes ran out of money. If Obama is so concerned he should fund this program and get people their boxes.