Monday, February 16, 2009

Anti Crown Hydro Minneapolis Park Board Lobbyist

Also lobbied for Big Tobacco?

And the Minnesota North Stars...

Renewable energy=bad

Cancer sticks=good

No wonder why MaryAnn Campo says $300,000 a year for 100 years is not a lot of money.

She lobbied for Big Tobacco and a NHL team that up and left us (Norm Green still sucks).

Nice find Muse!


eric zaetsch said...

The devil always lurks in the details. You, Muse, and Tommy are seeing the executive summary, and looking for opposition detail. If it is an iceberg you believe threat free, shouldn't the pack of you also be doing a bit of looking below the water line? Just a thought. Only that. There have been superficially charming people I've met, but manipulative when you get to know them. Just a thought. Part of information is origin and communication. Who's beating the loudest drum, off blog?

Avidor's a skeptic and I would not dismiss that easily, although he and I have had differences of opinion. Who are the proponents, and how are they getting their position out, using which advocates?

Just a thought.

eric zaetsch said...

Between the dotted lines, a quote from the Campo website, Teammates page:
Dean Barkley
Dean Barkley was the legislative representative for the Independence Party before he became a part of the Ventura Administration in 2001. He represented his party at the legislature and was very active in securing passage of key campaign finance reform measures in 1993.

In 1997, Dean recruited Jesse Ventura to run for Governor under the Independence Party ticket. He was Jesse Ventura's campaign chairman and helped guide Mr. Ventura's stunning victory. He was heavily involved in the transition effort to form his new administration and was appointed as Director of the Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning for the State of Minnesota. In his role as Director, Dean interacted with all levels of Government, Township, City, County and State Government. Dean is an expert on how Minnesota Government works and operates at all levels.

Since 1992, Dean has lobbied the Minnesota legislature, worked on legislative issues and has developed very good relationships with key legislative and administration leaders along with County decision makers. Being an Independent, he is uniquely positioned to work with both Democrats and Republicans. Dean became a full-time Attorney - lobbyist After the completion of his United States Senate term in January of 2003. Dean managed the legislative agendas for several clients the past two legislative sessions.

Dean is a licensed practicing attorney for over twenty years in the State of Minnesota. In his law practice, he represented clients before many government entities including cities, counties and state agencies.

Any thoughts?