Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anyone catch the Bachmann comments?

From her Startribune op ed titled "The perils of spending like it's 1929"?

It's really all about Bachmann fear mongering and pimping tax cuts ala Ronald Reagan.

A few interesting comments from the cheap seats...
So in other words, Bush and the Republicans run up the debt and create the financial crisis, and Obama and the Democrats are held responsible for making the hard decisions and biting the bullet. I was a worker during the Reagan years and I can say that the boom times didn't happen until Clinton was in office. Reagan did run up a good-sized debt, though. My grandparents and parents lived through the Great Depression, which started with Republican Hoover in office. They worshipped FDR, because at least he did something and tried to help families. As one of FDR's advisers pointed out, eating is always a short-term solution. FDR made sure that nobody starved to death and he kept people's hopes up during the long depression. What have Republicans Hoover, Bush, or Bachmann done to compare with that?
I like the handy dandy graph showing how these compassionate conservatives have run up some significant debt.

The false equivalencies in this ridiculous article are just shameless nonsense. The economic challenges that Reagan and Kennedy faced were nothing compared to the prospect of total financial meltdown that Obama faces now thanks to 8 years of failed Bush economic policy. MASSIVE TAX CUTS are not the magic solution. Do you not understand that the entire financial system is on the verge of collapse? I wish your constituents had learned from history and not re-elected you.
Don't get me started on the Congressional race in the 6th...
Why is it everyone thinks the President will fix the economy? It's the House and Senate that determine fiscal policy and write the checks. A President can ask, beg, and plead for his ideas and programs. But it is up to the Congress to decide. If you want assign blame, look to the fools in Congress. If you are looking for rescue and economic salvation you need to look to Congress. Though I personally doubt that particular body of government is up to the task. Like most things, the economy is like a pendulum. It swings from feast to famine. It has been here before numerous times, and it will recover to start the swing all over again.
Now this comment got my attention! It leads me to ponder, if Congress has a 16% approval rating, how in the hell do 95% of the incumbents get reelected? I's the mantra that "my guy is doing well", it's the rest of Congress that sucks. We need to shake things up a bit...

Bush had an agenda 8 years ago. Congress marched in lock step under Bush's "leadership" and led us into the perilous situation we face today.

Obama has filled the leadership void in the White House, I'm willing to give him a fair shot at this, even though I have some deep reservations of the stimulus package.

So while facing a crisis of epic proportions, Congresswoman Bachmann wants tax cuts...

Why not hold all the financial groups that financed her campaign accountable?

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