Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is the Minnesota GOP responsible for Absentee Ballot confusion?

I was sitting around checking out the copies of the absentee ballots Coleman wants to count at the Startribune site.

It was interesting going through all the individual categories that these absentee ballots were piled into.

Right wing bloggers have used Secretary of State Mark Ritchie as their proverbial punching bag and have called for election reforms.

Dori and I get a lot of political mail, 99% from DFL candidates and the state party. Beyond the government paid Bachmann lit pieces we also got an interesting piece from the Minnesota State Republican Party.

It was a standard fear mongering mailing, raising fears over Barack Obama, Al Franken, and Elwyn Tinklenberg, and provided us with absentee ballot information.

It raised some serious suspicions on our part...

A. Why would the Minnesota Republican Party send absentee ballot information to people who identify as strong or moderate DFL?

B. We live in Cokato, in Wright County. The Minnesota Republican Party self addressed postcard would send our ballot request to Litchfield, in Meeker County.

While the chances Dori and I would be confused over something like this are extremely minimal, I often wondered about the elderly and those that are confused by the absentee voting process.

I recognized it as a deliberate attempt to confuse and disenfranchise voters, and I still see it that way.

While Ron Carey, Cullen Sheehan, and the right wing blogosphere take pot shots at the Secretary of State and county election officials, perhaps they should take a look in the mirror and acknowledge that their own party screwed Norm Coleman over.

How many Minnesota voters were confused and left disenfranchised by the Republican party's mailings?

Once we get back from our 4-5 day stay down here in the cities, we'll try to dig up the mailing in question and get it posted...

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ESP said...

It could have been one of two things.

1. Ineptitude by the Republican Party. They may have done the same thing to people they'd ID'ed as Republicans.

2. They intentionally sent bad ballots to Democrats in hope that voters like you wouldn't look to closely, send in you ballot and you would be disenfranchised.

There was plenty of evidence of this going on in swing states of Florida, Virginia and Wisconsin (if memory serves me right). Here are my posts:

At some point, I'll get the mnblue posts migrated over to MN Progressive Project.