Thursday, February 19, 2009

Legislative Pay Cuts?

Caught this yesterday on the radio, Dave Mindeman over at mnpACT! has an interesting take on the proposed legislative pay cuts.
Well, as long as they are going to discuss pay... why stop there? Let's cut the legislators base pay down to $21,500. Then they can officially fall below the Federal poverty line and will at least qualify for food stamps.
Good point Dave.

I have mixed feelings about a pay decrease, only because the elected officials will make up for said decrease by taking more in per diem and other fringe benefits.

My view on this: Keep the pay the same, but completely cut the daily per diem. It's a "part time" job, how many people do you know making $60,000 a year at their "part time" job?

Instead of dining at Mancini's and the Monte Carlo every night of session, hit up that White Castle over on Rice and University, nothing like a sack of sliders to get the legislative process churning...

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