Friday, February 27, 2009

Matt Entenza introduces his team

Caught this on facebook early this morning...and I really do mean early!

A note from Matt Entenza:

As I explore a run for governor of Minnesota, I know the coming months are going to be amongst the most exciting of my life. It’s time to get Minnesota working for all of us again. Campaigning is going to keep me busy, which is why I am so thankful to have the support of my family and friends from all around the state.

I want to introduce you to a few of the folks on my campaign team who will be helping me along the way. A big reason I started this campaign was to begin a real dialogue about the future of this state -- a conversation that has been all to absent during the last 6 years. Please contact these great people (all tagged in this note so you can reach them easily) if there is anything they can do to help you get involved.

Without further ado, here’s the team:

I have been married to my incredible wife Lois for almost 25 years. We are the proud parents of my three sons – and Facebook friends – Ben, Will and Steve.

Chat with Will Howell ( and Leah Solo ( if you want to help recruit friends and neighbors to get involved and get to work! Leah comes to the campaign after being the political director for Congressman Tim Walz’s reelection campaign. Will was the political director for Al Franken in Minnesota’s fourth congressional district.

Liz Harens ( is the person to talk with if you’d like to invite me to meet with any local political or community groups you’re involved with. Liz, like Will, campaigned with Team Franken in ’08.

Contact Bridget Cusick ( if you’re a member of the media or want to know more about how we are going to communicate our message about the future of this state. Bridget’s been working on campaigns since 2004; in 2006 she worked with Congressman Keith Ellison’s campaign and in 2008 for Steve Sarvi’s congressional campaign in CD 2.

If you’d like to donate or to help fundraise, Colin Laughlin is your guy. Colin helped raise money for both of Congressman Walz’s campaigns.

Jake Levy-Pollans (, Julia Quanrud and Jason Hitchcock are three of my incredible interns who I’ve asked to help with social networking and media. They are always looking for the newest way to connect people to the campaign. Jake and Julia are both seniors at Macalester College. Justin is a recent graduate of Carleton College.

Diana Petty, Sarah Goldsmith-Greenberg and Alex Rosselli are also fantastic campaign interns, working on organizing and outreach. Diana is a recent Mac grad, and continuing the Macalester tradition, Alex and Sarah are both still students there.

We're working hard and hope you'll join us!



TheBig Roz said...

Looks like Matt has the best campaign team money (also known as wife Lois of United Health Group and buddy of Bill McGuire) can buy! But where are the true grass roots, also known as Volunteers?
I'm not buying it Matt.

eric zaetsch said...

Did he name his private detective for this year yet? Or will he let Mike Hatch pick one for him?

He's dead meat.