Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not good for Gaertner for Governor

Caught this over at Raw Story.

There will be a lot of far left DFL activists pissed off that their potential Gubernatorial candidate prosecuted RNC protesters.

It will be interesting how this all plays out.


eric zaetsch said...

With other more appealing candidates Gaertner is unlikely to be the candidate. However, check the gender distribution of the declared wannabes. So far, isn't she the only one lacking a Y chromosome? Check her campaign website - what's she running on, policy-wise? Good luck finding an answer from her candidate's info. Do a site search for "RNC 8" and, good luck seeing it mentioned as one of prosecutor Gaertner's highlights.

eric zaetsch said...

One further thought - lucky she was not vigorously prosecuting at the time of the Boston Tea Party. We'd all be singing, God Save the Queen.