Sunday, February 22, 2009

SF 840: Good News for Crown Hydro

Two Putt Tommy has a scoop over at the PP blog.

Senator Gary Kubly has authored SF 840, a bill that would prevent the lowest level of government to stop a project after a said project has jumped through all of the regulatory hoops from the federal level on down.

Kudo's to Kubly and the other sponsors of this bill. Creating union jobs and providing 2000 or more homes with power from a clean and sustainable source creates a win-win situation.

We're anxiously awaiting a companion bill in the House...

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eric zaetsch said...

NIMBY still holds for wind energy?

Only the Crown Hydro guys would get a free pass?

There's a miasma to that kind of special legislation - too much - too suspicious.

Politics is distrusted exactly for such manipulation of "the system." We are a government of laws?

Special laws for special people, is all the vogue, however, when we get to details.

And how will this affect similar projects, up and down river, where they cannot be considered in terms of individual impacts, except, what, by FERC?

There's the suggestion it is not a free pass only for Crown Hydro at the falls, but for Crown Hydro wherever it wants to be, so long as FERC says okay.

If they're going to give somebody a free pass on a project, then make it even more project-specific, yes/no?