Monday, February 09, 2009

What the hell's in the water in Louisiana?

On vacation in Florida last week, people asked Dori and I where we were from on a pretty constant basis. I had several conversations with people who were concerned about Minnesota's US Senate race.

"Are you guys ever going to figure that out?" In an awesome southern drawl.

"What the hell's wrong with you Minnesota people? First a wrestler, now a comedian?"

But nothing...and I mean nothing exceeds what may be happening in Louisiana.

A porn star is going to run against Senator David Vitter
? H/T to Mr. Truscott who pointed this out in his facebook status.
It is kind of amazing that Vitter’s still around, this dumb clod. Not so long ago, the idiot wingnut was found to be using the prostitution services of the since-deceased D.C. Madame. Oh, and their were many detailed reports of his particular Republican fetish: forcing prostitutes back home in Louisiana to dress him in adult diapers, for him to poop in.
Wow, and right wing bloggers in Minnesota had such a fun time with an Al Franken diaper picture...

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