Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bachmann for Governor? US Senate?

An interesting Bachmann story over at Fox News.
Bachmann told her ultimate goal in Congress is to overhaul and simplify the tax code, while fighting the efforts of the Obama administration to expand government and increase the tax burden. She said President Obama has gone on a spending "blitzkrieg," and she argued that the recent flap over AIG bonuses is just another sign that Washington needs an exit strategy for its financial intervention.

As for her re-election last year, she said it was just proof of her appeal.

"The fact that people knew that I am who I say I am and I'll vote the way that I vote and do so unapologetically, that's one thing people appreciate," she said. "You know, we're the state that voted in Jesse Ventura."

"The nation needs all the conservative fighters we can get in D.C.," she added.
And they discussed the 2008 election win...
Political analysts pointed to a few factors that gave her the victory: First, Minnesotans have a soft spot for third-party candidates, and Independence candidate Bob Anderson took 10 percent of the vote -- drawing away from the anti-Bachmann sentiment that Tinklenberg would have enjoyed.

Second, Tinklenberg's surge in fundraising came too late in the game.
Ok. 1. Tinklenberg was endorsed by the IP, Anderson appeared on the ballot because someone cannot appear on the ballot in two spots. Anderson virtually had no campaign. Tinklenberg didn't do enough to persuade these voters. In my humble opinion, his voter outreach in Greater Minnesota, specifically Wright County was lacking.

As for the fundraising, it's obvious that Tinklenberg had no vision for how to spend that amount of money. They had no plan in place...and that's a campaign failure.

And then they move towards speculation on where Bachmann will go next. Governor? US Senate?
"Having won that re-election ... I don't know she'll ever have a challenger of strength. She can probably hold that seat forever," said Bob Meek, a commentator who used to work for Minnesota political icons Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale.

But Meek said he suspects Bachmann is looking to higher office in the near future.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is talked about as a potential GOP candidate for president in 2012, and he could step down in 2010 to concentrate on a national campaign and avoid a potentially bruising re-election fight in Minnesota.

If that happens, "I don't know why [Bachmann] wouldn't run for governor," Meek said.

Though Bachmann would surely draw stiff opposition from Democrats, Meek said she could forge a path to the state capital if there's a third-party candidate in the race to split the vote, as in her last re-election campaign.

Meek and others also suggested she might challenge Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.
She won't make the same mistake Mark Kennedy made...

Can you imagine a Minnesota under Governor Bachmann?

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JLeuze said...

I have to say that Sarah Palin vastly improved my opinion of Hillary Clinton, and I have more respect for her than I ever have before, knowing just how bad it can get...

I'd love to see Michele Bachmann run against Amy Klobuchar! It would finally destroy Bachmann's political career and transform Klobuchar into a national political rockstar in the process.

So yeah, you're right, she'd never run :(