Monday, March 02, 2009

Doron Clark Endorsed by Minnesota ACORN

Got a text from Doron's campaign manager earlier today. A formal announcement came via email later...

Minnesota ACORN PAC Endorses Slate of Candidates

Minneapolis candidates commit to fight for working families

Minneapolis, Minn. – Members of Minnesota ACORN Political Action Committee endorsed a slate of candidates for Mayor and city council in Minneapolis. The endorsements come a day before the March 3rd precinct caucuses and sets the candidates on the path to win critical support from other organizations that work for social justice.

ACORN PAC's Endorsed Candidates:

Mayor: RT Rybak
City Council:
Ward 1 - Doron Clark
Ward 5 - Don Samuels
Ward 6 - Robert Lilligren
Ward 9 - Gary Schiff
Ward 10 - Matt Filner
Ward 11 - John Quincy

“These candidates are committed to fighting for working families,” said Sunday Alabi, the Chair of ACORN’s Political Action Committee. “From fighting predatory lenders and preventing foreclosures to creating living wage jobs and workplace dignity, these candidates have worked hard to help low and moderate income communities. We’re proud to send them to City Hall.”

Winning the endorsement of an organization that serves low- and moderate-income communities and addresses issues such as affordable housing, health care, and poverty may help the candidates gain the endorsement of the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party.

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