Sunday, March 01, 2009

More GOP fake outrage

Caught this over at the Eagle's Nest.

Republicans are outraged over this cartoon.

Enter Minnesota's sharp tongued House Minority Leader Marty Siefert.

Back in 2006, when a large budget surplus was announced, Seifert took a shot at DFLers with a drunken sailor reference of his own.

MDE loved Seifert's misguided commentary

I love the hypocrisy here. Virtually zero outrage when Marty Seifert makes a drunken sailor reference but when the Republicans are implicated as a drunken sailors, all the sudden were offended by said reference.


As a Veteran, I don't really get offended by stuff like that. I get more offended when Veterans can't access their benefits or when my friends and former soldiers are put in harms way based on a lie. each their own...

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Political Muse said...

I wonder if there will be equal outrage to this cartoon: