Thursday, April 09, 2009

Congratulations Congresswoman Bachmann

Congratulations on your first town hall meeting as Congresswoman of our 6th Congressional District.

Having been our Congressional representative for some 27 months now, we're happy that you've finally blessed us with your presence.

Unfortunately, you're holding your meetings during the middle of my workday. However, I think I know what's going to happen today and just want to post my response to your town hall meetings before I head off to work.

By the way, perhaps you should give Congressman Walz a call down in the first. He's been at this just as long as you have and has surely had over 100 such meetings in his district...

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TroyTheTechGuy said...

Now is it really fair to request the Congresswoman listen to her constituents after the election? Besides, the Congresswoman has been busy in Washington organizing a "revolution" and being a "foreign correspondent". Now how can we expect the Congresswoman to fulfil her job of "foreign correspondent" and attend a town hall meeting to listen to her constituents? We are asking too much from one individual.