Friday, April 03, 2009

A rational, reasoned response.

From the comments on the Ward 1 race over at MPP.

When does someone become a member of the DFL Party? (0.00 / 0)

At DFL precinct caucuses participants are asked to sign in and attest that that they are eligible to vote in the upcoming election, they agree with the principles & platform the DFL, & are not a current active member of any other political party. Once someone signs up and votes at a DFL precinct caucus they are considered a Democrat and a member of the DFL Party. We need to welcome and engage anyone that comes to the party not shun them for not coming to their senses sooner.
With that said:

I've known Doron since 2002 (as a neighbor) and have only ever experienced him as a member of the DFL. He's been a strong party activist who has helped DFL candidates like Jill Davis get elected to school board. I've volunteered side by side with Doron as we knocked on doors & at phone banks for Keith Ellison in 2006. We've marched in neighborhood parades for DFL candidates together and I've been to Klobuchar events at his house. We've sat next to each other at lengthy DFL meetings, including the marathon 2005 city and park board convention. I've seen Doron organize and empower participants on progressive issues from the level of our precinct caucuses all the way to the DFL State Convention. If Doron isn't an example of an active, engaged, & progressive DFL party member, I'm not sure what is.

If you are looking for "progressive street cred" it should also be noted that Doron is a member of TakeAction Minnesota and the only candidate in this race who is a graduate of Camp Wellstone's candidate track. He's also an 8 year volunteer with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and led Hurricane Katrina Relief trip with his church youth group. I've planted neighborhood trees with Doron and fought for pedestrian friendly locally owned businesses with him too. To me Doron is a neighborhood progressive leader because he worked to help get our first ever LEED house in NE Minneapolis as well as a community bike path.

The other candidates in this race also have progressive and party experiences but I don't see their qualifications being questioned in this same negative manner. If such things were being said about any of them I'd come right to their defense too because they are my neighbors!

All of these candidates have much to contribute to our party and our neighborhoods. I urge people to look at who these candidates are today and what they want to do for the community they wish to represent. All of these candidates are neighbors and members of our party and will remain so after the race is over.

Let's keep the conversation positive rather than judging people solely based on how long they have lived in the area or how long they have been a member of the party. The party deserves better representation and so does Ward 1.

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