Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tinklenberg's going to run in 2010

Call it a hunch.

Reading the tea leaves, it's pretty obvious that Elwyn Tinklenberg is going to take another shot at Congresswoman Bachmann.

No one's really leaping forward to take a shot at Congresswoman Bachmann. Heavy hitters in CD 6 won't blow any political capitol on this race, not with redistricting looming in 2012. Who would leave a cushy State House or Senate seat only to be redistricted out of Congress 2 years later?

Tinklenberg's gift of $250k to the DCCC smells like an investment in his political future more than mere generosity.

We all know it, Tinklenberg ran a horrible campaign in 2008. Whether it was a lack of presence in rural areas of the 6th, running "get to know me ads" days before the election, a lack of aggressiveness, and a faulty campaign finance plan that left Tinklenberg with a sizable war chest for 2010, he failed to defeat Bachmann after one of the most egregious campaign mistakes ever.

He still lost by nearly 4 percent.

So what does $250,000 buy you?

Will Nancy Pelosi come out and stump for Elwyn? That will go over well in the 6th!

Will the DCCC come out and run Elwyn's campaign just like they did for Ashwin Madia? We all know how that ended.


So beyond Tinklenberg, who can defeat Michele Bachmann? (I'm not certain he really can)

Tarryl Clark? No way she runs in 2010...
Kathy Saltzman? Julie Bunn? Marsha Swails?

Personally, I'd like to see Larry Hosch take a swing at it.

Anyone else have any thoughts on who should run against Bachmann in 2010?

I know of one dark horse at this time, someone not on our collective radar's who might take a shot at this...and I could definitely support him/her.


DB said...

There is a another person with an excellent profile that fits the district whole will defeat El and Bachmann...An announcement is on the way!! Because lets be honest based on El's past performance there is no way he can defeat Bachmann...especially if he is beholden to the DCCC.

Charlie said...
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Pitty said...

El had his shot. As you point out, he ran a horrendous campaign and wasn't able to capitalize on Bachmann's egregious mistakes and an influx of money. There's no reason to assume he would run any better of a campaign, or that the voters will respond to him any differently. Even if redistricting happens in 2012, the recent comments and actions by Bachmann show that we can't afford 2 extra years of her in the House. She's an embarassment, and we need someone who actually represents this district to run against her and to hold that seat.

Blue man said...

Thanks DB, I think we may be talking about the same person!