Friday, May 22, 2009

*BREAKING* Reed raises $100K

Heard from a reliable source that CD 6 DFL candidate Maureen Reed has reached the $100,000 plateau in fundraising.

$100,000 since May 6th? $100K in 16 days?


More to follow...

Donate to Reed's campaign here!


Charlie said...

Here's her website:

eric zaetsch said...

Good for her.

The field is big enough at this point for more, but two certainly beats one candidate - no choice.

Good for Maureen Reed!

Bringing up an opening webpage with the "subscription" and "contribution" buttons is good. Good business, since you cannot win without cash to spend.

I notice the Reed website is not mentioning either DFL or IP as affiliation. For comparison, I logged onto the Tinklenberg2010 site. Ditto.

Good luck to each in running the DFL-IP straddle. It failed last cycle, and may fail again.

Each party should field its own people independently of the people another party fields. Cross-endorsement seems too prone to mischief.

Second website observation - Tinklenberg's opening page is going very negative on Bachmann.

Reed is going on having problems and needing solutions, and "Meet Maureen." Tinklenberg either feels we all know him, whether that's good or bad, or is rewriting the resume from the last cycle and is yet to post it.

Have a look at each - not that web design determines a vote, but just that for now each is on the "contribute-subscribe" message, an early cusp in the contest message management.

eric zaetsch said...

Presuming the Reed people read this - she needs a Wikipedia page, and then her people need to police its editing to avoid mischief.

But before Facebook, Twitter, etc. my suggestion is Wikipedia.