Monday, May 18, 2009

Hasselbeck PWNED by Jesse Ventura

Oh damn this was a great exchange. Man I like Jesse Ventura...

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taxpaying liberal said...

The truth is simple. You don’t have to nuance it or spin it or deflect it.

Jessie was speaking the truth.

I don’t care if it was a democrat or republican who committed torture in my name to keep me safe.

If they did, then they need to go, because they clearly don’t understand why we have been the greatest Nation on earth.

I don’t care why someone tortures.

The fact that they are committing this act means that they are more evil than the person they are inflicting torture upon.

KSM was an evil man. But the guys who tortured him after his capture were even more evil because they had better options and instead resorted to the lowest, most primitive instincts in a misguided attempt to further the cause of freedom.

Jessie is right. Once you make the rational that there is no line then we are all in danger. We have been for awhile.

One can easily move from torturing terrorist to torturing criminals. The only difference is numbers. We suppose that terrorist threaten more people than criminals. But of course that’s not true as can be seen in the number of murders in this country as opposed to the number of deaths by terrorist.

How about drug related deaths? Should we be able to torture the local high school dealer in order to get his supplier? What’s the difference?

Drunk drivers kill more people than any other violent cause. Maybe if we started public torture that will discourage others from driving drunk.

I contend that few other crimes committed in the last 20 years have as big an implication as this one does. And if we let it go and pretend it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t as bad as it was. Then there is nothing stopping it from happening again.

And America becomes the despised empire instead of the bright shining light.