Friday, June 26, 2009

Dille for Governor?

Well...the Hutchinson Leader has an editorial endorsing this notion.
Minnesotans have not elected a DFL governor in 20 years. With strong DFL majorities in the House and Senate, voters might expect to sweep a DFL candidate into the governor’s office, too. But we believe the state is closely split and the inclination toward a balanced government might prevail for a Republican of the caliber and seasoning of Mr. Dille.
Senator Dille can win elections in Greater Minnesota. Door knocking in our race against Senator Dille in 2006, we found that nearly 2/3 of the district is related to the Senator in some way, shape, or form. He's a pretty popular guy out here and as a former opponent of the Senator, I have the utmost respect for Steve Dille.

In my opinion, I think he is a cool, common sense leader. In numerous meetings with the Senator since the 2006 elections, I've been able to help him work on some important Veterans and Higher Education issues.

Republicans view Senator Dille as a RINO, especially after his vote for the Transportation Bill in 2007 and the gas tax increase. I admire his political courage on this vote, but Republicans across the State would not support him.
Mr. Dille’s term is up as senator. If he decides not to run for governor, it is our hope he will run for Senate and serve voters here for another four years. We believe residents would return him to the Senate by a wide margin.
If, and that's a big if, Senator Dille decided to run again in 2010, it would not be for a four year term, but a two year term because of redistricting that would take effect in 2012.

However IF, Senator Dille decided to run again for the State Senate in 2010, I agree, he would most likely win by a large margin...coming from experience of course!

But this story is about Dille for Governor.

Look at the GOP field: Anderson, Hann, Brod, Seifert, Kohls, etc.

Look at the DFL field: Dayton, Kelley, Entenza, Kelliher, Coleman, Ryback, Thissen, etc.

IP field: ?

So, with his moderate views and consensus building history, it would make the most sense that IF Senator Dille were looking at higher office, he would have the most success at an IP Candidate for Governor.

Pray for us in a Anderson, Dille, and Marty debate...


eric zaetsch said...

Hal - If he is as good as you say, and I don't doubt he is, isn't it a crying shame we have Michele Bachmann in Congress, not him, if it has to be a Republican or Blue Dog there? Your characterization makes him sound redder than a Blue Dog. So, or not so???

eric zaetsch said...

Or did I mean bluer than a Blue Dog?

Say it as more balanced in the middle and dependable than Elwyn, say it that way.