Thursday, July 16, 2009

CD 6 Fundraising numbers

Well folks, it's real!

Maureen Reed raised $231,839
this past quarter and has almost $219,500 cash on hand. Just a quick look at who gave money to Reed shows no surprises, lots of money from the University of Minnesota and from the health care industry.

Elwyn Tinklenberg raised $54,891
this past quarter and has $198,548 cash on hand (and an IOU from the DCCC for $250,000). El also has three staff members on the payroll still as well, including his daughter. Tinklenberg really needs to step up the fundraising because raising less than $60,000 a quarter will not cut it!

Congresswoman Bachmann raised more than $285,000
this past quarter and has nearly $390,000 cash on hand. Of course, the majority of Bachmann's financial support comes from outside the State of Minnesota.

Reed's fundraising numbers are very impressive, we'll see what happens next quarter though, determining whether or not this is merely Reed tapping all her friends and colleagues for money or an actual political movement that can withstand the rigors of a long endorsement fight and general election.

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Charlie said...

Reed's fundraising is impressive, her story compelling, and I think she is truly the one who can win the district. I'm voting for Maureen!