Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clark Files Paperwork!!

From Larry Schumacher and the SC Times.

I'm excited by Tarryl Clark's entry into the 6th CD DFL race. In my humble opinion, she immediately becomes the front runner.

Tinklenberg's feeble fundraising should be cause for concern to Team Tink. His recent statements that he will push this race to a primary also will not sit well with CD 6 delegates who will look to endorse. At this point, Team Tink can hope to block an endorsement...a highly unlikely scenario.

Maureen Reed has raised a significant amount of money and has a strong presence on the web, but lacks name recognition in the district.

Some argue that Clark is too liberal for the district.

I disagree.

Clark has extensive legislative and campaign experience. She has fought some seriously difficult races in St Cloud and has branched out in support of other DFL candidates in Greater Minnesota.

Furthermore, her positions on important issues is consistent and she can articulate her position well. This cannot be said about other candidate(s) in this race.

There will be more to follow after Tarryl Clark has a formal announcement, but I know that many of us are very excited for her entry into this race!


Cathy said...

I am excited about Tarryl getting in the race as well. I think she can win!
One thing about Tinklenberg. He put out a blog on Daily Kos last night and got around 200 + comments, many positive and many sending money. As well he is going to attend Netroots Nation to gain exposure in the blog world and to raise money! Dana Houle his campaign manager is a 'Kossack' as know and he will work it big time. This could become a disadvantage for Clark. I hope not............

eric zaetsch said...

Gary Gross, at his GOP leaning blog also picked it up as a major event. It is interesting he is already sounding the canard, too liberal for the district. Tax and spend. And touting Bachmann as dynamic with a vibrant message.

Otherwise it was fairly balanced.

Does that mean the GOP might rather Bachmann-vs-Tinklenberg again? Gary wrote as if he'd personally find it more interesting if it were Clark-vs-Bachmann.

If Tink somehow ends up being the DFL candidate, my bet is they'd again call HIM "too liberal" for the district, (as they did last cycle).

I'm waiting - they may shift more toward Drew and Tom Emmer, and they'll be calling Bachmann too liberal for the district.

Will Clark leave others in the dust?

Will a divisive DFL primary happen?

While intriguing questions, the immediate concern, what do you know about Clark's staff - DFL regulars or DC hired guns?

Also immediate, any word about EMILY'S LIST? Clark seems to have the bona fides needed to attract that support.

Finally, Big E, at Minn Progressive website touted the DC hired gun Tink brought in, and got an interesting comment thread.

TaxPayingLiberal, who like us is in this district, raised some interesting points there. I look forward to seeing something similar in your comment thread. Very, very concerned about someone, anyone, not committing to abide by the endorsement process.