Sunday, July 12, 2009

Congresswoman Bachmann in Wright County

The following is a recap from the Wright County Economic Development luncheon on July 2nd 2009.

Representative Michele Bachmann spoke to a group of 35 people, at a noon luncheon event put on by the Wright County Economic Development Partnership on Thursday July 2nd. Laurie Karnes of Land for Sale sponsored the event. A delicious roast beef buffet lunch was served by Laurie McLennan's catering service.

Laurie Karnes gave an energetic introduction for Michele Bachmann, who graciously took the podium and praised the lovely and astoundingly beautiful Wright County area. She said she was glad to..."be back in the land of normal." Moreover, she said the work of the members of the Wright County Economic Development Partnership is the answer to the problems in this country. It is "private wealth creation" that will bring our economy back.

Bachmann went on to criticize Cap and Trade, which will force everyone to "pay for the right to purchase energy." She predicts our electric bills will double, and she doesn't believe the costs of the new green jobs will be worth it. She criticized Obama for saying we should be more like Spain when it comes to creating more green jobs. In Bachmann's estimation Spain spent $70,000 for every green job it created and unemployment is 20% in Spain. Currently we have 9.4% unemployment in the USA, but we have sectors like the local electrical union that has 50% unemployed. The best recipe for economic success is "lower taxes, lower interest rates, and keep spending down." She asked the group to contact their Senators and tell them, "We don't want to be like Spain." Moreover, Cap and Trade will give the government "more power and money". Also, the entire..."country will have to follow the California building code." And..."every community will have to hire three full time employees to deal with the new energy code."

About the auto industry, Bachmann said, "The government has destroyed once great companies" and "car dealers were just wiped out after having invested $4 to $6 million in their businesses."

When asked about the mistakes of the Republicans, she said, "Elections have consequences." And "the Republican Party absolutely lost its way. They got slapped alongside the head to get them out of the drunk they were in; and they were really drunk. They thought they should spend their money the was democrats do. The spread themselves out on a limb and they got everyone mad. The Republicans did it to themselves. Very stupid; very very stupid. They did it to themselves and they are paying the price."

Bachmann said this about President Obama: "Obama is the most leftist President we have ever had." And "his place in the polls is falling like a rock."

About the government involvement with banking: "It is like the Roach Motel. Once you get in, you can't get out." And "The government wants to control our banks...they converted their shares from preferred to common stock, which are voting shares."

About the health care industry: "the government mandates higher costs and over fifty per cent of health care is government subsidized now." And, "if Obama passes health care it will mean rationing."

About missile defense: "Obama did cut one budget item; missile defense. He cut missile defense by 35% at a time when we have a greater threat for attack from a rogue dictator than ever before in our history." And "We live in a very precarious time right now."

Bachmann was very well received by those attending and she stayed for an entire hour to answer the questions from the audience.
Oh where to start...

We'll spend some time over the next week picking all of this apart and sorting out Bachmann's fetish for lying from reality.

One initial observation...when she was talking about the failures of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party...she sounds awful Ron Paul like!

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