Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More on the race in CD 6

Muse has an excellent post up!

I would have to agree with Muse's analysis of the situation as it stands now.

Reed: I'm waiting to see more. Seems to me I've seen a group of focused web savvy people keep a Congressional campaign afloat for months merely though its web presence. Ah....yep. Bob Olson, 2006.

Tinklenberg: Are we going to have to launch Tinklenberg 3.0? Not a Blue Dog? Really? A debate between Tinklenberg 2006, Tinklenberg 2008, and Tinklenberg 2010 would be a thrilling debate. One candidate a socially conservative, fiscally conservative Democrat. Another a socially moderate, fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrat. The latter a Wellstone Democrat.

I'd love to see that debate, but I am sure we can pull up the quotes at a later time...

Despite my criticism of Tinklenberg, I gave him money in 2008 and supported him post endorsement.

Clark: Once she formally announces, she becomes the immediate frontrunner. At her announcement, all she needs to say is that "I will abide by the DFL endorsement, as I am a Democrat".

Labeling Clark as too liberal for the 6th is ludicrous. Remember, back in 2006 Amy Klobuchar defeated Mark Kennedy in Kennedy's home district.

As I stated in a post yesterday, Tarryl Clark has been party building in the 6th for quite some time, whether it's providing support to candidates or attending fundraisers in the conservative hot bed of Wright County, Tarryl Clark has been building party infrastructure and a solid base for years. Her name recognition is as solid as her credentials.

She is at a disadvantage initially due to the enormous fundraising by Reed, but that can be overcome. Reed will need to raise a lot more money to obtain a fraction of the name recogntion Clark and Tinklenberg have.

That said, I'd have to rank the candidates Clark, Reed, Tinklenberg, and I will support the endorsed candidate, although I strongly support Tarryl Clark.

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