Monday, August 03, 2009

Schumacher reports SCSU Democrats Endorse Senator Tarryl Clark

Originally posted over at MPP, Larry Schumacher reports on the SCSU College Democrats endorsement of Senator Tarryl Clark.
St. Cloud State University College Democrats endorsed state Sen. Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud, in her bid to become the DFL's 6th Congressional District candidate in 2010.

A news release from the campus organization says that Clark, who represents the university population within her Senate District, has "shown exceptional interest and concern for issues affect SCSU college students, such as education, health care and job growth," board member Michael Rosenow said.

Clark is seeking the DFL endorsement to take on U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., next year. 2008 DFL congressional candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg and 2006 Independence Party Lt. Gov. candidate Maureen Reed are also seeking the endorsement.
We've seen Team Tinklenberg take a much different stance on blogs for the 2010 race than in the 2008 race, notably after the hire of Kos blogger Dana Houle.

A comment over at MPP caught my response to Houle calling on Clark to denounce the endorsement of a community that helped her win her State Senate seat.
Really Dana? (0.00 / 0)
First, welcome to Minnesota. It is great to know that you have come here to help defeat Michelle Bachmann. That is a goal we can all agree on.
But seriously, is this the best use of your time? Smacking down a blog posts about college Democrats?

It seems perhaps the SCSU Dems may have jumped the gun with this one. Is school even in session? But they do have a long long history with Senator Clark.

I have been attending SCSU Dems meetings on behalf of political campaigns and causes for over seven years. In fact, I was there the day they were chartered. Senator Clark has been a mentor to these students. They have interned with her and knocked on doors for her in the dead of winter.

One piece of history: Senator Clark was elected on December 27th, 2005. Governor Pawlenty deliberately scheduled the election on that date to disenfranchise students at SCSU.

Senator Clark and her campaign went out of their way to involve students in their campaign and do everything thing possible to help them vote.

So Dana, this is the most important thing you have to do today? Really?
And we're what...7-8 months before the endorsement (that only Clark will abide by)?


taxpaying liberal said...

In all fairness we don’t know that Reed won’t abide and her statements seem to indicate that she will abide. Dana is the one claiming she (Reed) won’t abide.

Eric Mitchell II said...

I just got a note on the DFL central list that El is out.

eric zaetsch said...

taxpaying liberal - Not only has Reed not said she won't abide, she has said absolutely NOTHING.

It perhaps is time for her to speak about something besides where born, where educated, the Board of Regents, and HealthPartners clinic and administrative service.

Such as - why DFL, after doing what she and Hutchinson could to torpedo the DFL ticket and give Pawlenty a second term.

Such as, is she intending similar mischief this time?

Her baggage from that IP run is something that will fester more and more with time, like old fish without a cooler, unless she defuses it with some truthfulness of why, what she stands for, and what next - abide, move to the IP ticket again, what????????

eric zaetsch said...

Tinklenberg - formally out of the Congressional race; via emailings and via the campaign website now.

He has NOT taken himself wholly out of seeking office. He alludes to other opportunities in State.

He has funds and name recognition to run for the State Senate seat held now by GOP evangelical Christian, Mike Jungbauer - cosponsor with Michele Bachmann in the State Senate of a bill a few years ago to impose teaching in Minnesota schools of intelligent design, as if it were science instead of the total GOP cooked-up hoax it is.

Tink for all his faults is a cut above that kind of thing.

If his home's in that Senate district and he opposes Jungbauer, and if Mike Starr does not get endorsed for a second run against Jungbauer after coming close last cycle, Tinklenberg could have a chance at winning that seat.

eric zaetsch said...

Latest on Maureen Reed, here:

She should work at Ihop, "And how would you like your waffles."

What a #$^$^@^% joke.

Twisting slowly in the wind after hanging herself.