Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Blueman Vikings Stadium Solution

It's pretty simple actually...(from my friend Jeff).

Eliminate the football program at the University of Minnesota.

Give the stadium to the Vikings and start selling the booze!
California Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill permitting the construction of a stadium that would house an NFL team in the Los Angeles area.

The governor announced the signing of the environmental exemption bill Thursday in Industry, Calif., the Associated Press reported. The stadium would be built there, about 15 miles from Los Angeles.

"This is the best kind of action state government can create--action that cuts red tape, generates jobs, is environmentally friendly and brings a continued economic boost to California," Schwarzenegger said in a written statement. "This legislation allows us to move forward with the construction of the nation's greenest football stadium and create thousands of jobs."

Construction of the 75,000-seat stadium is to create more than 18,000 jobs and generate $760 million annually for the local economy, the governor's office announced. The stadium complex is to include a hospital, a theater and office and retail space.
California's budget situation isn't that great either.
A budget shortfall of at least $11.2 billion, projected to top $40 billion over the 2009–2010 fiscal years.
$40 billion and they are working to build a football stadium in Los Angeles?

While we are also facing a significant budget shortfall in Minnesota, I sure hope the state's leadership finds a solution to the Viking stadium problem. If we lose the Vikings, we won't be as fortunate as Cleveland. With the NFL being at 32 teams, evenly distributed in two conferences split into 4 divisions, the NFL won't be looking to expand beyond 32, but moving franchises.

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