Friday, October 30, 2009

McLeod County Chronicle: Defending my 2006 opponent

Crazy talk right. A Democrat defending a Republican, specifically a Republican that soundly defeated me in 2006.

But that's what I did in a LTE to the McLeod County Chronicle.


Senator Dille has served 22 years in the Minnesota House and the Senate. I don't agree with the Senator on a lot of issues, but he has served our area well. He works for compromise and he is a strong principled man. When he says he supports something, he doesn't waver under last minute pressure.

Recently, the Republican party in the area, mostly the McLeod GOP, has been working to push Senator Dille out. They'll push the good Senator out for a strong right wing ideologue. A Bachmann/Emmer/Shimanski clone.

And I don't think it's good for the district. A right wing ideologue will go along to get along in St Paul. They will hold the party line while putting the people of SD 18 behind, a complete contradiction to Dille's 22 years of service.

And if the good Senator does get pushed out, we'll urge him to run as an Independent.

And if he doesn't...I might.


eric zaetsch said...

Who is the campaign manager, Hal?

Where do we send our checks?

For Dille, also, not just for you - does he have a campaign website link you can post in reply to this?

eric zaetsch said...

Let me add to that the thought of ongoing trending.

Remember Vietnam vet Gary Laidig?

GOP moderate. 25+ years of service.

Gunned down from within his own party by an extreme opportunist:

It appears Dille, if he does not learn from history, might be doomed to see it repeated.

eric zaetsch said...

Wrong first link there - I was there and wondering about the bats when I called the site up in Google Chrome -

The Laidig link is: