Thursday, October 29, 2009

Muse posts about Reed

Good work Muse!

Here's a fun experiment for anyone listening out there...

Set up a Google alert for Maureen Reed, Tarryl Clark, and Michele Bachmann.

Monitor what kind of traffic these Google alerts get for an entire week.

You'll see that both Bachmann and Clark get some significant headlines and relevant stories via Google alert.

With Maureen Reed? Not so much. I actually recall a two week period of time, in which I received a Google alert once a day on each of these candidates. Reed didn't have a relevant link or story for two whole weeks.

So you tell that campaign sizzling or what?! That tells me a lot about the Reed for Congress campaign.

BTW, you're welcome for the Google alert caused by this post....

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eric zaetsch said...

I am not cognizant of candidacies and strategic planning, I admit that, but I saw it as strange that a candidacy was begun formally before Tinklenberg's brief testing of the waters; yet staff hirings were announced only after the end of the second reporting quarter with six figure contributions noted at the end of the first quarter.

Is that kind of delay at all normal?

In complaining of not being given a fair shot at union endorsements, did she aggressively go down a list calling and saying she wanted an interview? Or was she waiting for people with money to come to her first?

Again, I do not know the normal way, but it seems you want people to surrender their cash, you have to make a contact asking.

Have any past DFL delegates gotten calls from Reed? Have you, Hal?

"I am running and I would hope you would vote for me at caucus because ..."

I have not gotten calls from either Clark or Reed; but I have publicly identified myself as not a DFL regular or insider, but having caucused once, 2008 cycle, only, at precinct level.

I expect neither to have called.

But has Reed been calling and schmoozing the regulars?

No candidate is entitled to say, they must come to me. It seems the union bus left before any atttempt to get on board; but that's only an outsider's guess. In complaining, I have not seen Reed say she took extensive steps to assure her consideration and made phone calls explaining why she was more deserving of consideration than Clark.

Unschooled in how it's normally done, it seems "They must seek me out and I may talk to them" is a hilltop guru thing, not candidate behavior.