Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MDE forgets Bachmann's Americorps Comments

Luke Hellier seems to have forgotten that his favorite member of Congress didn't have very kind words to say about Americorps...

Hellier's Bachmann fetish has reached record lows the past few days.

Here is the direct quote that got Hellier testy.
Clark also took aim at Bachmann's attacks on AmeriCorps, which she has likened to “re-education camps.” Bachmann's criticism came back to haunt her when it was reported her son had joined Teach for America, an AmeriCorps program.

“We have three things in common: We're women, moms, and we both have sons in AmeriCorps,” Clark said. “The difference is I'm proud of mine and we should be proud of our young adults giving something to the community.”
Does this sound like a a proud mother?
Bachmann said that Americorps is really "re-education camps for young people - and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward." She continued, “It is a dream come true for people who want to transform our country from a free-market economy to a centralized government planned economy. It is completely different and antithetical to what our founders gave us and I think people should be shocked, they should be stunned with what is happening and the speed at which it's happening and in particular, what is happening with the G-20 and the transnational aspects of what our President is committing our nation to.”
Re-education camps for young people?

Don't believe me? Listen to it yourself!

Does this really sound like a proud mother?

Why doesn't MDE and the other right wing folks explain Bachmann missing a vote recognizing the service and dedication of women in the military?


eric zaetsch said...

It looks like the forces are in lockstep. Gary Gross and Andy A each did the same thing. GG even cross linked AA. Three for three, posting that Clark was out of touch and exceeded norms. For a bunch of regular spin doctors, they sure get sensitive of a sudden.

Sincerity and consistency I guess don't always go hand-in-hand.

eric zaetsch said...

Here's the story:

Sutton-Brodkorb are the instigators:

So, implicitly if not explicitly, Brodkorb and Sutton are writing the stuff and Luke Hellier signs off on it.

Same old, same old.

But, different, it's the same blog, the same basic MO, but using a different front man.