Monday, November 16, 2009

North Star Liberal Launch

This morning a new Minnesota Political Blog launched, one that I will proudly take an active role in.

North Star Liberal

Blueman readers have most likely read the contributors of North Star Liberal at other Minnesota political blogs. I believe each of us will continue to post at our own blogs, but we will also develop content exclusively for NSL.

So, Tax Paying Liberal, Political Muse, Two Putt Tommy, Brian Falldin, Chris Truscott, and I hope you enjoy our newest endeavor!


eric zaetsch said...

Best of luck with it. It will be good to see Chris posting again. His earlier work was excellent.

eric zaetsch said...

I had a look. A very good launch.

Keeping it a fair and balanced site, honoring those words and not cheapening them as Fox does, will go a long way.

Finally, score touchdowns. Don't settle for field goals.

ratsoup80 said...

That was the quickest liberal blog fail and fallout I've ever witnessed! Eric quit over this.