Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Perino: "We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term"

And we're worried about re-education camps via Americorps and the University of Minnesota?

Oh holy hell...

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theMom said...

Hi Blue man,

I'm a red gal who just started reading your blog. I like how you say things and although I'm a tea party patriot and consider myself conservative, I always like when I find people who might consider me an "extremist", but with whom I find common ground. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of many of your posts.

I'm still getting a feel for your views and your way of saying things. That said, can you spell out what you see as the significance of the embedded video?

Are you disagreeing with the sentiment that the Fort Hood shooter was a terrorist?

Oh, wait, I just listened again. The first time Ms Perino said, "We did have a terrorist attack...," and the second time she said, "We did not have...." I guess that is your issue.

That is interesting. I wonder if she just misspoke or if she meant that the Obama administration does not want to use the word terror to refer to the attacks on 9/11? Or maybe that they no longer want to use the word "terror" to refer to the entire Islamic extremist attack issue.

I would guess the latter. But it sure was not very clear because of her getting tongue tied just prior to the comment.