Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Closing our the year strong!

Dear Friends,

We’ve had a great December!

In just a few weeks, we’ve been able to get our campaign off to a fast start and people are beginning to take notice. We’ve already put a great campaign team in place, earned a lot of attention in the key newspaper s serving Senate District 18 and begun building the amazing grassroots effort that’s going to carry us to victory in November.

None of this would’ve been possible without you. To keep the momentum going I need one more small favor this year. Please help us close out 2009 strong with a contribution of $20.10 .

I grew up in Wright County and consider myself lucky to have had the many opportunities I did. Now I want to make sure Minnesota remains as great for my family as it was for me. Doing this won’t be easy, however, since the Republicans in Senate District 18 are already working hard to ensure the Michele Bachmann wing of their party is well represented at the state Capitol.

By investing in Minnesota’s future today with a contribution of $20.10 , you can help ensure that we’ll have what we’ll need to continue spreading our positive, results-oriented message to every city and town across Senate District 18.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help our campaign, our party and, most importantly, our state. By working together, we’re going to make 2010 the year in which we elect a DFLer governor, build on our legislative majorities and defeat Michele Bachmann.

Please join us today with a contribution of $20.10 so we can continue working to build the future Minnesota needs.

Thanks again,


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