Thursday, December 03, 2009

GOP wants Franken to defend them?

30 Republican United States Senators vote against an amendment that would de-fund contractors who prevent their employees from suing if they are raped by co-workers, and they want Senator Franken to defend their vote?


Do I really think these 30 gutless Senators support rape? Of course not.

They support corporations and the military industrial complex over real people.

To his credit, Senator Franken hasn't gone Bachmann on the bit and appeared on every cable news show known to mankind to hurl accusations.

He's been quiet. He's been professional. He's been a United States Senator.

And importantly, he's right.

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eric zaetsch said...

You mention Bachmann. Has Michele Bachmann said peep about the question, or is she ducking it as if it only touches lawmakers on the Senate side? She has a talent for selective attention, and selective inattention, and the press never asks her views on anything where she does not take the initiative and issue press releases or go FOXing on her own. That's dereliction of duty, isn't it? It's like the community banking crisis - Bachmann's issued no press releases nor gone FOXing over the situation; so no MSM types even ask if she has an opinion of any kind - while sitting on the House Finincial Services Committee. Go figure.