Thursday, January 27, 2011

Senator Newman: The Truth Shall Set You Free

It's been interesting following some of the local media outlets and the reaction to Senator Newman's naughty email to the Minnesota Nurses Association.

A blog post has appeared on both the Hutchinson Leader and Independent Review (Litchfield) websites.  It's a post actually calling for Senator Newman to resign.
Instead of simply admitting his arrogant and asinine thoughts on representing only part of his constituency he took the low road. He lied, plain and simply lied. He blamed the entire statement in the email on his aide. Anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of politics knows that an aide would NEVER draft such a statement unless directly and expressly directed to do so by the Senator himself. What a cop out of responsibility and cowardly shift of blame to a subordinate employee.
And remember, Senator Newman wanted to be Judge Newman back in 2006 and was appointed by Governor Pawlenty to an Administrative Law Judge position. After this email was exposed, you have to question the ethos that would foster a workplace environment of pettiness and animosity that could create such a statement.  He truly doesn't care.  It's a paycheck.  A government paycheck.

Furthermore, Senator Newman has avoided some media outlets in the Senate District.  I know via facebook posts that the Aaron in the Afternoon Show from AM 1410 KLFD, has yet to receive a return call from Senator Newman

Jorge Sosa from the Hutchinson Leader was the lucky winner of Senator Newman's only local media outreach.

I've personally spoken to reporters in the Twin Cities who began calling the Senators office on Thursday afternoon, seeking a response.  The same reporters called again on Friday and left multiple messages on Monday.

For Newman's story to be true, his rookie Legislative Assistant would have had to have concocted the email, looked at my Kimball for Senate Campaign Finance Report or at a list of people/groups who endorsed our candidacy and then blindly sent that message to the Minnesota Nurses Association.

And then kept it a secret from Thursday until Tuesday morning, secret from Senator Newman only, since DFLers, reporters and GOP staffers/party officials all knew about the Newman email well before the AP story broke.

It's clear that as the Hutchinson Leader blog post stated, Scott Newman flat out lied to us.  He continues to lie to us.

Why doesn't anyone in the dead tree media ask Newman the tough questions?  Especially after the same dead tree media scribes called me for background info on Senator Newman and told me they were trying to contact his since Thursday.  How can anyone believe that he went from Thursday afternoon to Tuesday morning without any knowledge of the email to the MNA and the literally dozens of media requests?

Senator Newman is biding his time until this story dies.  I for one, will make sure that the voters of SD 18 or whatever district we become for the 2012 election, never forgets what Senator Newman has done.

BTW, when will the DFL or the Senate Caucus actually do something?  Other than send a fundraising letter that is...

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