Monday, January 31, 2011

Would Newman the Lawyer defend Newman the Senator... front of Newman the Judge?

Senator Newman's story just doesn't add up.

Recall his timeline for epic fail.

After speaking to reporters from a couple of major newspapers, the timeline of the Newman email and following events interests me.  Something just doesn't seem right.

At 2pm on Thursday January 20th, Senator Newman's LA sent the email that created the firestorm we witnessed yesterday.  According to one reporter, they had placed a call to Senator Newman's office around 4:30 on Thursday asking for a response.  Senator Newman didn't respond to a request for comment.

Friday January 21st, according to reporters at the Pioneer Press and the Startribune, both called Senator Newman's office and requested verification of the email and for the Senator to explain the response.  Senator Newman didn't respond to a request for comment.

Monday January 24th, the same Startribune reporter called Senator Newman's office again asking for verification and asking for the Senator to comment.  Senator Newman didn't respond to a request for comment.  Later that afternoon the story broke at Bluestem Prairie.  While Senator Newman failed to respond to repeated requests for comment, per Sally Jo at Bluestem, the Minnesota Republican Party had already been trolling her blog looking at the post.  I find it hard to believe that former GOP hate blogger, State Senate employee, and Vice Chair of the Minnesota GOP Michael Brodkorb failed to see this coming.

Finally on Tuesday January 25th, after the AP ran a story picked up by the Pioneer Press, Startribune, and news feeds across the State of Minnesota, Senator Newman's office first responded by saying that Senator Newman would not comment and Kelley was unable to comment about her email.  Later Newman responded that this was all a "innocent mistake" placing the blame with his Legislative Assistant.

I find it highly unlikely that I would know about the MNA email scandal nearly 24 hours before the Senator.

Senator Newman needs to come clean...

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