Monday, November 27, 2006

A blast from the past...

Sitting over here at Dori's apartment, after eating some famous Erickson Nachos, I sifted through some old Enterpise Dispatch newspapers.


First off, seeing Steve Dille's political ads from 1990. The only thing that has changed, other than the photo, is the district.

Then, in the October 24 1990 edition of the ED (I was 8 weeks into Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia at this time), they had a candidate survey.

Nice! It was interesting to see that Mr Dille said virtually nothing in 1990.

Question 4. What are the top 3 priorities facing public education in Minnesota? How would you deal with them?

Dille: "The top issue for many rural school districts is reform of an unfair school financing system that generally benefits urban property tax rich districts. Various solutions to this complicated problem are under consideration."

Too bad I did not find this gem a few months ago. Damn!

The issue has been significant for decades. Nothing gets done.

Question 5. Should health insurance be state-mandated? Under what conditions?

Dille: "Government, insurance compaines, health care providers, and businesses must work together to guarantee qualtiy affordable health care for every citizen."

For someone who has voted against health care for all Minnesotans or groups of Minnesotans at least three times, its frustrating to see him flip flop on this issue multiple times.

We could go on and on but will not be labor the point.

The Senator had an article in the Herald Journal today. It spoke of a bi-partisan approach to solving problems and listed several ways to accomplish this.

Let's hope it works...

If the past is indicative of the future though...

Education reform, health care, and environmental issues will be stong issues for me to run on in 2010.

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