Monday, November 27, 2006

Enterprise Dispatch column today

Roz Kohls had a good column today at the ED. Her discussion of tobacco use, drug use, and the societal issues surrounding marketing and body issues of women is something even large urban papers fail to address.

While I still do believe that the risks of tobacco use need to be fully discussed with all teens, the body image issues are abundant in society today. Roz, I could not agree with you more! And as a liberal democrat, I am not embarassed to admit that.

Body image issues are real every day issues that fail to attract any public discourse.

Some may recall the 2004 SCSU Homecoming Queen being a bi-sexual Hmong man. The election of Fue, and for clarification, he was elected by the student body, was about both breaking down gender roles and stereotypes and also about body image issues. It's something I will always be proud of being a part of. Depsite the turmoil, we raised awareness of a lot of isues in our community and on our campus.

We look forward to more progressive and thoughtful columns in the future!

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