Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great day for Startribune Opinion Exchange

From Blue Dog Democrat discussions by former US Congressman Tim Penny...

To the future of Congresswoman McCollum...

To a solid editorial on the Farm Bill...

And a discussion of a military draft...

It was an interesting day to read the Strib!

Collin Peterson, a Blue Dog Democrat, will lead Congress in the passage of the new Farm Bill.

Betty McCollum will play a large role in replacing our elder statesman in Congressman Sabo, and has posited herself for an even stronger future!

And now a draft.

As a Vet, I have mixed feelings of a draft. I understand that a true draft, without exemptions, would make the decisions of our elected leaders a bit more difficult. It could place their children in harms way now. But, as a former non-commissioned officer, I know how difficult it is to train fighting men and women. Now, train men and women who were drafted, who do not want to be their. Yeah, fear of death makes people do things they normally would not do.

I'm tired of fear as a motivator. Our current administration has used fear to motivate or hinder American progress ever since 9-11-01.

I would like to see a requirement for every American to serve two years in either the military or in a community service organization. You could serve in urban teacher programs, Americorps, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, or a plethora of other service organizations. Germany and South Korea are two such nations that require service.

I suppose though, the need for the draft discussion is due to the fact that we have been in a quagmire called Iraq for longer than our WW II service. We need more and more men and women to serve in Iraq.

Perhaps if we did not get involved in conflicts such as Iraq, or had a solid plan for a situation such as this, we would not need a draft.

Naw, that's too easy!

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