Sunday, November 26, 2006

More school funding thoughts...

As you may recall, the Twins Stadium never went before the tax payers of Hennepin County for a formal vote, although Senator Dille voted for the stadium.

Why should we let the people vote? Because the law clearly states the imposition of a local sales tax is subject to approval by the voters of the political subdivision at a general election (Minnesota Statute Annotated 297A.99.)

So, we let County Commissioners decide the fate of the stadium, with the Legislature being the rubber stamp, deciding which laws to abide by and which ones to dismiss.

What would be wrong with letting City Councils decide local government tax increases without a vote of the people then?

What would be wrong with School Boards being the final decison making authority on levy increases for our schools?

Then, the voting tax payer will have incentive to hold their elected leaders accountable.

You want to talk local control...

This is the ultimate in local control.

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