Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Child Left Behind numbers for MN and levies

Startribune had a disturbing story of how 483 schools in MN are under-performing under the auspice of NCLB.

Too bad this was not released before the election.

Statewide proficencies

Math: 06: 58%
05: 76%

Reading: 06: 72%
05: 79%

Anyway, here is a breakdown of SD 18 Schools

Atwater Grove City Cosmos
North el 51% math 67% reading
Secondary 41% math, 64% reading
South el 68% math, 79% reading

All schools made progress

Middle 57% math, 70% reading
Sr High 20% math, 68% reading
Bendix 88% math, 87% reading

The Middle school failed to meet goals but will not be sanctioned. Good job Bendix!

Dassel Cokato
Cokato El 70% math, 84% reading
Dassel El 84% math, 80% reading
DC Alt Ctr 0% math, 57% reading
DC Middle 66% math, 70% reading
DC Sr high 27% math, 62% reading

The DC Alt Ctr failed to make progress and the Middle school shall recieve a warning. Perhaps the administration should focus on the school and not people putting literature on cars...

Eden Valley Watkins
EV El 82% math, 85% reading
EV Sec 58% math, 65% reading

All schools made progress

Glencoe Silver Lake
ALP 0%, 0%
Sr High 21%, 56%
Lakeside El 68%, 71%
Lincoln, Jr 61%, 66%

All schools made progress

Howard Lake Waverly Winsted
Middle 68%, 68%
High School 30%, 76%
Humphrey El. 73%, 82%
Winsted El. 76%, 79%

All schools made progress

Middle 60%, 72%
Park El. 71%, 82%
Sr High 27%, 68%
Mid ALC 14%, 16%

All schools made progress.

Lester Prairie
El. 65%, 79%
Secondary 38%, 59%

The Secondary school failed to make progress but will not be sanctioned.

Lake Ripley 75%, 83%
Middle 61%, 69%
Sr High 28%, 66%
Wagner El. 65%, 74%

All schools made progress.

McLeod West
El. 71%, 81%
Jr. 24%, 49%
Sr. 15%, 60%

All schools made progress.

So, for the most part, schools in our district scored fairly well. Some lag behind the statewide aggregate figurues but when you compare schools across the district, smaller schools faired better in many respects.

How many of the levies passed this past election?

ACGC? No, also failed Dec 05
Annandale? Yes
Dassel Cokato? No
Glencoe Silver Lake? No
McLeod West? Vote at a later date

3 of 4 districts that voted failed operating levies at this time.

We know that the DFL controlled House and Senate will be kind to education, but what progress will a newly elected GOP Rep and two veteran legislators make in today's political climate?

All I know, is that cuts at many of our schools are forthcoming...

It's about the kids education!

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