Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pissin off the base

I held back a bit, trying not to be too critical of Governor T-Paw and his move towards the center. His press conference earlier in the week calling for universal health care for all children was a DFL issue this entire campaign and will work to open the door towards universal health care for all Minnesotans.

Where are the elected GOPers in the area on this one? Shimanski? Dille? Urdahl?

All opposed universal health care in forums, Shimanski offering no ideas at all, Dille telling us for the fiftieth time he serves on the MMA Task Force, and Urdahl calling for more Health Care Savings Accounts. At least Dean has ideas!

The lead GOPer in the state comes out and calls for universal health care for all children.


Do not forget that it was his budget cut in 2003, supported by Dille and Newman, that exasserbated the health care problems in MN. They gutted MN Care and put many of these 90,000 kids at risk.

Let's not be so quick to give out a good ol "ata boy Timmy" for becoming more centrist. T-Paw is a masterful politician, even though he has never caputered a majority vote as Governor (both elections T-Paw scored under 50% thus a plurality). If instant run-off voting were in play, Roger Moe might be looking at his second term as Gov.

I digress...

Crazy Startribune woman came out and blasted T-Paw in her very conservative column.

Maybe Roz will write about how liberal T-Paw has become, that would be fun!

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