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Comments on Mark Olson from SC Story Chat

Representative Olson is under mounting pressure post his alleged wife beating incident in Sherburne County recently...

Archie from Coon Rapids
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Representative Mark Olson:

One of the most qualified representatives in the state will be just fine regardless of constituents and fellow Republicans that turn their backs on friends in need.

Marty seifert and his minority will become even more distant from conservative voters and more in line with the donkeys .

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The Olson family has roots going back to the mid 1800's. Their familys have been the back-bone of the Big Lake/ Becker area serving on school boards, township supervisors etc. What Olson did was terrible however do we need to bash him in this forum? Iam sure in the long run he will do the right thing.

Raspberry Bellini from raised in st. cloud
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I wish we would judge people on their own merit instead of their family merit.

This is domestic abuse. Pawlenty has asked for his resignation, if he is convicted. That is the right time to get a response from Olson. I say leave him alone until then. There is no doubt in my mind, he wished he hadn't done this, but he may have a problem. Kicking a person at their lowest point is also unsavory, insensitive. Let's see what happens with his day in Court, then expect for his resignation if convicted, and hope he gets the help he needs if convicted.

Avidor from minneapolis
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"Maybe it means I'm an independent now," he said. "I don't know. I've always been sort of independent."
Looks like Mark Olson will follow the example set by his old PRT-promoting partner Gary Dean Zimmermann... he will go down kicking and screaming, dragging his party down with him like Zimmermann did. Zimmermann e-mailed his supporters to say he is scheduled to be sentenced on the 19th of December.
What a sad and sordid end for these two PRT-promoting politicians... remember those heady, optimistic days when the future of PRT in MInnesota never looked brighter? Remember the breathless reporting of Taxi 2000's open house when Rep. Mark Olson and PRT guru J. Edward Anderson unveiled the shiny red pod to the media?

From the moribund Taxi 2000 website:

Over 50 people attended and everyone got at least one ride in the Skyweb Express car. Mark Olson gave a great speech, some of which was quoted in a Minneapolis - St. Paul Star Tribune article by Laurie Blake. Minneapolis/St. Paul channels 5 (KSTP) and 11 (KARE) featured the story on morning, noon, evening and nighttime news shows. At least a dozen newspaper reporters from as many publications attended and asked good questions. ProMedia video-taped the event, and after editing, plan to broadcast it to about 850 television stations nationwide.
I wonder if reporters will interview Fridley's J. Edward Anderson about what happened to Mark Olson and Gary Dean Zimmermann?

vidor from minneapolis
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From the "Minnnesota Politics: Blog:
Mark Olson is a very special legislator. Extremely far right, he is like a pit bull who will grab onto issues and not let them go. Some of his issues are weird, like Personal Rapid Transit. Some of his issues get him into trouble with Republican leadership, like hammering away on doing things "properly" in the House (Olson has been around for a long time, and has yet to get a committee chair due to his general wackiness). The constitutional challenge is an example of the latter. He has been complaining about how the legislature ignore the single subject clause in the constitution for a long time, so the ruling that overturned the gun law is essentially "Mark Olson's revenge." It will be interesting to see where this ends up. I doubt, however, that he will release his bite.

Sassy from Who Cares?
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Raspberry- While I respect your opinion, I do not agree that because you have no strong feelings about this case that you are more objective. There are many facts that strike me as enough evidence that Olson should step down from his position.

1. Olson's own party seems to know enough about the case that they are abandoning him.

2. Governor Pawlenty has stated that Olson should step down if he is found guilty.

3. Representative Olson was seen as enough of a threat to his family that he was kept in jail for a couple of days.

4. Olson has not been allowed back to his home.

Overall, a great set of postings here at the SC Times. More commentary to follow!

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