Monday, December 11, 2006

Dissention in the ranks

Following significant DFL gains in both the House and Senate and on a national level, Conservative bloggers have called out GOP leadership and attempted to hold them accountable for their actions, or a lack of action. The following comes from Residual Forces, a conservative blog I read...

They also went on to say that fiscal conservatism and limited government should take a back seat in our party. They made the argument that christian conservatism is/should be our main focus. They truly believed that “with out morales how can one make the right decisions in life?” Honestly, I was pretty scared, since they basically screamed media stereotype of legislating morality. When we got into that discussion, bible verses got spoke to make their points. That’s fine, but can you tell me why you think that way? Or is it just that you think that is what you “are supposed to do?”

I am one that thinks Government shouldn’t be in the bedroom. Yes, I am a conservative. Yes I would support a MN marriage amendment (not federal though, state’s rights baby) and consider myself pretty darn pro-life, but I don’t necessarily believe that those are the main goals or sole purpose for the Government let alone the GOP.

A small government with limited power can’t advocate for abortion, nor does it have the right nor power to. etc etc.

We need to fully understand what is occurring before our eyes today. Andy is right, the GOP has abandoned its party tenets, abandoned its true message and is embracing the moral religious message.

Similar to the fragmentation of the DFL. Contrary to popular belief, we have DFLErs who are anti-choice and anti same sex marriage. It seems the GOP is fragmenting along the social conservative and fiscal conservative fault line.

Andy would love it out here in the conservative heartland of MN.

What do we do? As DFLers, continue with our message. We cannot expect help from the state party. We have to do this on our own, take back Central MN.

We can do this.

Morality is neither a conservative nor a liberal trait. Morality on the axis of abortion and same sex marriage distorts the full range of morality, true morality.

Kids without access to healthcare, its a morality issue.

Seniors having to choose between prescription drugs and rent or food, its a morality issue.

Families forced from their homes because of exorbitant property tax increases, its a morality issue.

We can choose to embrace morality as a whole, or select hot button issues to pin the morality flag upon...the choice is ours.

I choose to embrace a holistic approach to morality...

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