Monday, December 11, 2006

A sports thread

Its been a while...

Vikes. Yikes! Despite a big win yesterday, it's going to be a tough end to the season. Brad Johnson is done.

Gohpher B-Ball. Ouch. Outrebounded by Arkansas Little Rock 43-16? Monson should have to endure this season, he created this mess!

Gopher football. We have heard the crap about being in 7 straight bowl games...and that by going to a bowl game, we get 6 more weeks of practice to develop talent, build the future. When will we see the fruits of this? Mason drives me nuts!

Twins. Please, for the love of humanity, sign someone who can help us! I hate bandaid solutions.

T-Wolves. Please trade for AI. When I get a new job, I may buy tickets to see this. Now, I am bored with this team...

UND. I must admit, the Ralph Englestad arena is a beautiful place. Does it have a lot of Indian heads, oh yeah. But you know, you really don't notice them unless you are looking for them. Its a top notch state of the art arena, in the middle of no where!

SCSU. The hockey team is on a roll! #2 in the WCHA, 8-0-3 in the past 11 games, last lost to UND in the Ralph (before the election). Go Huskies!

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