Monday, December 11, 2006

More Mark Olson?

From a post at the SC Times. Story Chat is a fun place...

Archie from Coon Rapids
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Comment Posted: 12/11/2006 12:29:33 PM

Enough Olson gossip already:
This topic is bordering on sadistic and inhuman assault against an innocent Minnesotan, If the peg of the assault is political, then state it instead of prempting statements with words like , horrendous, agony, and other pretend that I care rhetorical love notes. There is a whole complete family of seven included here.
Real caring and "concerned citizens" would go to the Olson home as a neighbor and offer your support in any humble way you can. There is much more reward in supporting a family than "poking sticks " at them.

I love the compassion Mark Olson has shown the GLBT community. He has been a strong supporter of legislation that would keep loving couples from having the same benefits as any other married partner.

Eggy from the Farm
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Comment Posted: 12/11/2006 1:15:01 PM

And one more thing. Why do you think this is a party affiliation issue? Non-wife/husband beating people know what he did was wrong, no matter what party he belongs to.
Do you think what he did was wrong, Arch?

Archie from Coon Rapids

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Comment Posted: 12/11/2006 1:42:51 PM
To Eggy:
What he alegedly done wrong is NONE of or your business or mine, why is that such a challenge for folks? Are they above the law?
Did you go to the Olson home and check to see if there was anything you could to help them in a positive way?or is personal attack more exciting and don"t cost a dime, there is nothing that can stop the sharp tongue of Gossip once it has been set in place. is there Eggy? Gosssssssssssssssssssip hear the hiss?

Actually, our elected officals are always held to a higher standard. They create the laws for us to follow, in order maintain a civil society. If they cannot follow the laws that they advocated for...

When one is on the freyed edges of any political party, you can expect serious crticism when said official makes, if true, a horrendous error in judgement and assaults his wife.

I'll show Mark the same compassion as he has shown friends of mine who simply do not have the same rights I do...

Resign Mark, save some face and get some help.

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