Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The end of a good thing! Chainsaw Sisters to close

The BWCA trip that culminated in a stop at the Chainsaw Sisters saloon was a great trip.

We entered in at Mudro (Entry Point 22) and engaged in one heck of a journey. I paddled with Jason this year and it was our friend Eric aka Senior's first BWCA trip. He teamed with our friend Chris Mehr in what was dubbed the "Smoking Canoe".

After safeguarding a Jar-Jar Binks talking doll the entire first day...we sprung it upon its unfortunate victim when we hit camp that night.

It was one heck of a long day of paddling. Mr. Manea kept pushing us to get up into the bay section of the journey. The portages were not too bad, although I carried the biggest bag (it had Jar-Jar in it), I laughed a lot as Jar Jar would offer insight as the bag would hit the was pretty comical.

Ah, the BWCA...

We ended that trek at the Chainsaw Sisters...a bag of Old Dutch Sour Cream and Onion Chips and a half warm PBR! After a week in beautiful Northern MN, it was great!

It does not get much better than that!

Unfortunately, the end has come for a great Minnesota establishment. Thanks for the memories...and the warm PBR!

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