Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A tale of two editorials

One I agree with...

"And, yes, there is a big BUT here. Haberle, the Minnetonka woman whose billboards were the subject of a Monday Star Tribune story, views evolution as one opinion and creationism as another. That's about 180 degrees from right. Opinions on grandma's turkey recipe may have equal validity. But evolution isn't an opinion; it's a scientific theory, backed up by decade upon decade of increasingly confirming research. It's as close to a truth as just about anything gets."

"In the lay world, we use "theory" quite loosely. In the scientific world, they do not. A hypothesis needs a lot of proof before it earns the label "theory." Evolution has earned that label in spades. Creationism, on the other hand, is a metaphysical opinion, actually a belief. Surely, it is dearly held by its proponents, and no one begrudges them that. But it doesn't belong in the same arena as evolution."

One I disagree with...

"JOBZ tax breaks spur rural job growth"

I agree that they have spurred some job growth. I would like to see the fugures for the JOBZ areas in SD 18. I know for a fact that Dassel lost jobs to Glencoe. I know that the mayor of Glencoe is not happy with JOBZ either. Perhaps its great in Northern MN, away from the gravity of the Metro area, that seems to pull most good paying jobs that way.

I am also not a big fan of a system of selecting which businesses to tax and which businesses to give a break to.

Not a big JOBZ guy...I am sure you figured that out!

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