Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holy Fundraising Batman!

The figures are in for what was spent politically in MN. Wow!

More than $35 million was spent by Federal Candidates in MN for 2006. Damn!

About $6 was spent in SD 18, CD 6...

CD 6 set a record in Mn for spending $5.7 million! Wetterling spent about $3.1 million? Bachmann about $2.4 million.

CD 7 Congressman Peterson spent $686,000 and Michael Barrett spent almost $37,000, our operatives tell us all of it in SD 18!

I am sure Barrett is fundraising for an 08 run at Peterson. Wetterling is done in politics, IMO...

Democrats are going to have to raise a boatload of money and organize all across CD 6, in order to beat Bachmann in 08.

No Representative Seifert, we have no need to keep drunken sailors away from the ship...

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