Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The GOP blame game and Mark Olson

Checking out Dump Mark Olson earlier today, I came across the LTE's from a local newspaper.

A letter from Ione Puntsack points the finger at Jim Huhtala, regarding attempts to organize a movement to dislodge Olson from "his" Representative seat.

I cannot speak for others that have worked with Jim, but I can say for myself that Jim has always been a great candidate. He's a true liberal democrat from the mold of Paul Wellstone, JFK, and Dennis Kucinich. He has been a great campaigner and would be a great advocate for 16B.

That said, I feel strongly that Jim has not participated in any way shape or form, in efforts to have Olson removed.

The following letter came from his former campaign manager.

Typical GOP rhetoric is at play here. Blame anyone other than yourselves.

I have called for Olson's removal! I think he should step down immediately and would ask a Democrat, Green, Independent, or a Republican to do the same.

Domestic violence is a serious issue, anyone who would assault their partner is unfit to serve the people!

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